“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” – Emma Goldman

Partner dancing has always been more easily accessed by those with financial means.
The Silton Foundation looks to find the diamonds in the rough – the dancers that have achieved
or will achieve with their amazing potential – and to help those dancers financially, providing
education, coaching, travel, and more.

The Silton Foundation was created by Doug Silton, from Southern California and Nicki Silton, from Oregon, back in 2014 to promote the education and advancement of West Coast Swing Dancers. Nicki knew first hand how difficult it was to take lessons and attend dance events to pursue her passion on a limited income. Two great minds and hearts came together to create this foundation which started out small and has now grown to gifting over $12,000 in cash towards education and related expenses, as well as 22 event tickets, thanks to our generous donors. Today the foundation is run by a group of 5 board members, as a way to give back to the dance community by encouraging dancers to further their ambition and love for WCS. As Doug loves to say, “We are changing lives.”

Two types of grants are given annually. The Pacific North West Grant for those living in Oregon, Washington or California, and the National Grant for anyone residing in the US. Grants will be awarded in September of each year. Please see the Recipients page for the list of past, well deserved, winners and below for a lineup of events, tickets were kindly donated to the foundation last year.

Funds can be requested during the year for payment for dance academics, conventions, and travel. Funds will be paid directly to the provider of services (i.e. teacher, choreographer, dance event) and are to be used at the discretion of the grant winner*.  All monies granted must be used within the scope of West Coast Swing. At least 50% of funding must go toward dance education in the form of lessons (private or group instruction). All event tickets awarded in the grant are non-transferrable.

*with authorization from the Siltons Foundation board.

Last year we had generously received weekend passes to the following events held at these locations:

Charlotte Westie Fest — Charlotte, North Carolina

Chicago Classic — Schaumburg, Illinois

DC Swing eXperience — Herndon, Virginia

Derby City Swing — Louisville, Kentucky

Easter Swing — Bellevue, Washington

Floorplay Swing Vacation — Orlando, Florida

High Desert Dance Classic — Palmale, California

Jack & Jill O’Rama — Orange County, California

MAD Jam — Reston, Virginia

Meet Me in St. Louis — St. Louis, Missouri

Michigan Classic — Ypsilanti, Michigan

Monterey Swingfest — Monterey, California

SO Swing — Ashland, Oregon

Swingin’ Dance Party — Mason, Ohio

Swing City Chicago — Schaumburg, Illinois

Swing Fling — Washington, DC

Swingtacular — Burlingame, California

Swingtime — Denver, Colorado

Tampa Bay Classic –Saint Petersburg, Florida

TAP — Irvine, California

Trilogy Swing — Raleigh, North Carolina

US Open Swing Dance Championships — Burbank, California

THANK YOU!! We are overwhelmed with gratitude by all your support.

If you are an event and would like to donate weekend passes, please contact The Silton Foundation.

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